Youth Engagement and empowerent. Environmental stewardship.

Welcome to the Goats for Good

We are a passionate community-oriented team dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable living. Through innovative STEM programs and hands-on volunteer activities, we empower youth and community members to make a tangible impact on our planet. Join us in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable future for all.

We are a 501(c)3 unincorporated association. Federal EIN: 99-0622041

NOTE: We are early in our journey and will enhance our website with a calendar of events, more details about our plans, etc. as we move forward.








Youth in STEM

Born from a youth innovation project focussed on environmental impact, youth-based initiatives are at the center of our mission.

Community Conservation

Join us in various community-oriented conservation initiatives. 

Educational Outreach

We aim to do our part to build partnerships in the local community to foster a culture of eco-consciousness from a young age.

Let’s work together for a greener tomorrow.

2024 Goal #1: Support the Glastonbury Goats team in their journey to the FLL Worlds Competition

2024 Goal #2: Drive additional impact with the GOATS in their work around Trash 2 Treasture

2024 Goal #3: Expand partnerships, drive additional initiatives in our local community


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Volunteer with Us

Your time and effort can make a real difference.  Join us and be a part of meaningful projects in our community


Support Goats for Good with your donation.  Your contribution will support our initiatives and programs directly


We welcome partnerships with businesses, schools and other organizations.  Together, we can amplify our impact for a sustainable future

“The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Donate, Goat to Goat

Our Beginnings

In 2023, a group of seven kids from Glastonbury Connecticut formed a First Lego League team called “The Glastonbury Goats”.  They went on to win the state championship!

Their innovation project was called Trash To Treasure, where they used technology (AI) to help generate ideas to turn trash and common items into art.  They were hooked on the the potential to make a real-world, positive impact on our environment.

This non-profit organization was born from that passion and drive to build upon that begining and to enable those kids, their families and others in the community to do more!

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